About Esploratori SMP

Esploratori SMP was founded in mid july 2021. It focuses on close interaction between players, who meet and live together in towns.  Towns are administrated by leaders, and smp-mods will take over to enforce towns rules.


Some questions we are often asked.

How do I join Esploratori SMP?

In order to join Esploratori SMP simply join our discord server . Once you are there you will need to choose a faction to play with, give some basic info (xbox username, pronouns), and wait to be whitelisted!

Is the server bedrock or java?

Esploratori SMP is a bedrock only server. 

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is cross platform, and you will be able to connect from almost any device: windows 10 pc, phone (android or iOS),  Xbox, Playstation and nintendo switch.

Are there rules or is this anarchy?

Yes, there are rules. Each nation has its own set of rules which are valid on their territory. There also are smp-rules (like no-hacking) that are valid everywhere. Notice that you need to be in a nation in order to play on this smp: breaking rules will turn out in being banned from certain nations. Breaking the national bans or being kicked by all nations will end up in you being banned from the smp.

Does the world reset? Am I going to loose my buildings?

No, the world remains the same… and all buildings will be kept with it. There are a few conditions on the number and location of the constructions you may build though.

Why am I visitor? How can I become a member?

All new players are considered “visitors” until they are accepted as members with a voting. Visitors can play as “member” only while some mod is around. Membership vote can take place after you have played a bit on the smp.

How long does it take to become a member? How can I speed it up?

It can take from a couple of days to a couple of months actually. The key to speed it up is interacting a lot, and behave good with current members. Being active in discord can really help. (If you hide… play only when there is nobody around and be silent and away all time… that’s gonna make things longer).

Is the server survival or creative?

This is a survival smp. Everything in it has been built in survival mode.

What factions/nations are there?

On Esploratori SMP you need to pick a faction in order to play minecraft. You can chose one of the following:

  • Fungo Town was the first town built on the smp, it is meant as a place where people can peacefully interact one with another and cannot be given orders by someone else. It is also meant to be run as a democracy with elections (but it hasn't happened yet due to delay with the democracy rules), everyone makes what they are up to, trading is encouraged. In general Fungo Town people are not very much into fights although we are organising a small defence group (only members interested).
  • Arctic Empire was the second town to be built (founded by Koala), it is a kingdom where great emphasis is set on loyalty, which is compensated by the king, that assigns a house to every member. Arctic members are usually more into pvp (the current smp champion is from the arctic).  Law is managed directly by the king (but there are rules as well). 
  • El Cielo is the third town to be built on the smp (founded by Ato). This nation is built in the skies although the nation is still on it early stages we still have hope on becoming big. The nation is ruled over by the Copper King and his right hand, The golden duke, the leader of the 3 musketeers which are the guards on keeping the nation safe. Many members/visitors can be one of the musketeers some day. Although this nation is ruled over by The copper king its a peaceful nation (we are also allies with arctic).

Introduction to Esploratori SMP