When you first join the our discord server you can choose whether to wait for a receptionist to welcome you and hep you with the registration process or do it here on your own. Once you send the form our bot will assign you the right roles and give you access to the whole discord server as well as push your xbox nametag for whitelist. Please note that you must fill the form precisely: the discord and xbox username need to be exactactly as they are on your app (with right capitals and letters). If you are unsure about some of this information just wait for a receptionist on discord  to welcome you and help you. 

Another important matter is choosing the right faction for yourself. On EsploratoriSMP you need to play with a faction/nation, you cannot play on your own. After all we are here to play all together aren't we? 

Different factions have different rules and gaming style. You can check the description on this website (under Nation in the Menu) or on discord, where you can also find the rules.

Registration Form

Thank you! Your message has been sent.
Unable to send your message. Please fix errors then try again.

Fixing errors

You can find here a list of reasons why you are getting an error when trying to send the form, and a list of possible solutions.

Missing required field

In order to register you need to fill all the required fields. This includes checking at the least one of the pronouns checkboxes and one of the factions (free tip: don't choose the faction randomly, since it will deeply affect your game).

Wrong discord username

You may have written your username incorrectly. Best would be to copy and paste it from discord. It should have this format: DudeName#0000, so your nametag followed by '#' followed by four digits. Watchout capitals!

You also need to have joined the discord server with your discord account.

Wrong xbox gametag

You may have written your username incorrectly. Best would be to copy and paste it from xbox app. It should have this format: DudeName0000. So, your nametag, no '#', followed by some numbers if present. Watchout capitals!

A few examples:

  • Minecraft gametag NewDude10, xbox nametag NewDude10. You need to insert here NewDude10.
  • Minecraft gametag NewDude, xbox nametag NewDude#4532. You need to insert here NewDude4532.
  • Minecraft gametag NewDude4532. xbox nametag NewDude#4532. You need to insert here NewDude4532
I'm still getting an error

There may be several reasons for that: our bot is in mantainance mode or being updated (hence is offline), discord or xboxlive is offline...

In any case you won't be able to use this form in order to register. If this is the case you need to

Go in  discord welcome chat  and ask for help there. 

Note: untill you complete your registration that chat is the only chat where you can type. Just ask for a receptionist, they will help you with registration.