Requesting a new role

On EsploratoriSMP you can have several roles on the discord server. These roles are related to some "jobs" you may get on our smp. You can require any role relaed to your skills and what you enjoy doing, so to contribute even deeper to the life of the server and its community. We'll see now what roles you can ask. Please only ask for roles you wanna spend some time and effort in. Getting a new role is not about getting some reward or distinction, but rather about giving more to our community: giving your time and effort so to make it better and more enjoiable, and getting fun while doing it!


Moderators of our community on the official discord server. They have the power to change roles, manage channels and permissions. Their duty is keeping the community safe from haters and toxic people in general, by using both their influence and the ban hammer (or just muting people). They should be responsible, mature, with good but not too high humor standards and, most importantly, with the ability to understand when someone of our community is being targeted, and quickly act consquently, with adequate punishments.










Please note that automatic role management hasn't ben implemented yet: your request will be reviewed by a mod as soon as possible. We'll let you know if it was accepted or not in annoucement channel.

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