The Egg war - Pt. 1: The end?

#EsploratoriSMP #lore 

by Gew Von Agua

The end was a dangerous place which consisted of a floating wastelands of countless islands. This misterious and dangerous world was guarded by a powerfull and mythical beast, "The Ender Dragon" is what the fungans called it. This beast controlled powers way larger then ever recorded before.

Fungo knew it couldn't fight the dragon on it's own, so they went to the Arctic Kingdom, an isolated kingdom located deep within the arctic wastelands of the north.

The fungan president proposed to Koala to create a combined force in order to beat the Ender Dragon.

Koala saw alot of benefit in this deal as Arctic was hoping to get some of those sweet End Recources.

The nations prepared an "End incursion", a combined invasion of the end.

After weeks of planning, the day of the incursion had come. Both nations made the final preparations and headed to the End portal.

In order to enter the dimension, 12 magical pearls had to be placed down in the shrines. "Eyes of ender" is what they were called.

Once the portal opened, both Koala and the Fungan president lead their armies to the battlefield. This was the first time the Ender dragon had been seen. A large black dragon with purple shades, larger then any beast ever seen before.

In order to take down the dragon 10 End Pillars had be destroyed. The combined force was able to destroy them with not too much trouble, but then the real battle begun. Dozens of arrows were fired. Many were plunged into the dark void, consumed for eternity. 

After a long and bloody battle the dragon was finally slain.

But in it's ashes a new problem was created...

The dragon egg, who would get the dragon egg?