Arctic Empire

Loyalty and ​strength

  The strongest nation       

Frostmoor, the second city on the server, has seen the rapid growth of military might and Industry during the Arctics on-going expansion


King's Castle

Frostmoor's most important building is the King's castle. It hosts the throne room, maps and other resources

Community Area

The community in the Arctic is one of the best in the lands, with many areas to help newcomers work their way up to become as strong as the older members, who generously help the newcomers whenever they can

The Throne Room

The room of the power. From here king Koala rules over the Arctic Empire. The throne room is located within the king's castle.

Town Centre

In the centre of town, the people of frostmoor come together to work on improving the town with suggestions on what to do next to help our community.

Powerful army

Arctic army is the strongest on the smp, and can win any confrontation with the other factions.


The Arctic Empire is run by king Koala and the ​nobles. Loyalty and a strong sense of brotherhood are encouraged


Arctic Empire is the most wealthy faction, and has a huge industrial potential.