El Cielo

Live in the skies. Join the kindgom.

The Sky Nation

El Cielo Kingdom is the latest of the three original factions, despite being heir of the first town to become independent from Fungo Town.
The nation is ruled by the Copper King and his right hand, the Golden Duke, and is kept safe by the 3 musketeers, lead by the duke.


Welcoming Buildings

El Cielo is ready to welcome any visitor: you will find a place to rest the first days, information office, common areas and resources.

The copper Throne

Copper is the distinctive sign of el Cielo. Many thinks that it is useless. But here, in El CIelo, it is one of the most valuable resources. 

Main Lane

All important structures are built around this road, that goes from the copper statue to the town's park. Players are free to build around a road in the middle of the sky! Breathtaking view ensured!

Rio Village

Rio is the former village above which El Cielo was built. The rest of this ancient town can still be seen and visited. Huge water elevators allow foreigners to quickly reach from here the high town.


El Cielo offers the possibility to grow within our nation's society. From visitor, to member, to official, to musketeer... 

Powerful Alliances

El CIelo is allied with the Arctic Empire, hence very strong on a military viewpoint

Strategic Position

El Cielo is located half way between fungo town and the end portal