Fungo Town

Build, play and rule together. 

The main town of Esploratori SMP

Fungo Town was the first town built on Esploratori SMP and the place where the core of the smp developed and grew.

Amazing town design

Our town is organised in districts and players are taking care of keeping a good look for the whole town.

An active community

In Fungo Town you will play with amazing people ready to help you.


Community Centre

A hub of the Fungo town connecting railways to the rest of the nation. Inside it holds guest rooms, storage room, smelting room and an enchanting room. The building is open to all members but storage room is a members only. 

The Village

This holds all types of villager types and is open for everyone's use. Also often used for raids but please ask permission first to start one. When in the village please be respectful do not hit or kill villages, destroy or steal crops and importantly do not destroy or leave the gate open. 

Shopping District

A place that brings all members together providing all types of business's that sell all different varieties of materials. Here you can find many food shops, materials shop, potions and gardening shops. Anyone can set up a shop at anytime with Alpacas permission. 

The PVP Arena

This is where we hold our Saturday tournaments when all three nations come together to compete for the Smp Championship role. Our running champion is the mighty Python who is yet to be defeated. If you think you can take him and many others on join us at 8:30pm GMT to prove yourself.


Fungo Town has always been the place where events happen and people meet, even from other factions.

Fair Rules

Everyone is equal in front of rules. Nobody in town is above them, so your future doesn't depend on someone's mood.


Fungo Town holds reguar votes for deciding important matters. Every member can get actively involved in town's administration.